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In this Limited Edition Bundle you get...

  • How to Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income Online Course
  • Annual Membership to Global Champions CLUB
  • Goal Setting Planner for Champions




Creating Multiple Incomes can be a complex issue, but in this course, Camilita teaches you a step by step process that she has used over the last 15 years to Create Multiple Incomes from property, information products, books, eBooks, stocks and shares, memberships, online courses and so much more. 


When you enrol on this course you get instant access to:

  • 10 Modules (mirroring each chapter in Camilita’s Multiple Streams Book)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for all students
  • Camilita answering your questions on each module of the course


Modules Include:

Module 1 (Chapter 1)

  • How to find a need
  • How to solve that need
  • How to find multiple ways of providing the exact same service
  • Examples of things to consider that you can do
  • Selling at Level 5!


Module 2 (Chapter 2)

  • Set up a monthly membership
  • Set up a support or leadership program
  • Set up a club
  • How to charge for subscriptions
  • Setting up support groups


Module 3 (Chapter 3)

  • Start a podcast or online TV show and charge for sponsorships
  • Podcasting - what to do and how to set it up
  • Video and the power of video
  • YouTube and why your business should be on it
  • Why people consume data differently


Module 4 (Chapter 4)

  • Creating information products from what you already know
  • Books & eBooks
  • Online courses
  • Training programs
  • Journals & workbooks
  • Videos, vlogs
  • Live events, templates


Module 5 (Chapter 5)

  • Creating Income Generating Assets
  • Different ways of investing in property
  • Contracts you must have in place
  • Other tangible assets


Module 6 (Chapter 6)

  • Selling your own inventions
  • Selling other people’s products
  • Selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy
  • Becoming a consigner
  • Setting up your own shop using Shopify


Module 7 (Chapter 7)

  • Multi-Level Marketing, direct sales, party plans
  • The power of Network Marketing
  • How to build an MLM business
  • What is true selling
  • 6 key points to bear in mind when building an MLM business


Module 8 (Chapter 8)

  • Royalties from music and song writing
  • Benefits from licensing & franchising
  • Trademarks and the benefits of using your own or other companies marks
  • How to trademark your own invention


Module 9 (Chapter 9)

  • Renting out office spaces
  • Renting out rooms
  • Utilising companies like Airbnb
  • Using your address as a registered addresses for other companies
  • Ways to make money from property


Module 10 (Chapter 10)

  • Launching a business and having other people run it
  • Outsourcing business processes
  • Investing in start-up companies
  • Have retainers and have other people deliver the service
  • Using other people’s money, effort and time


*Unlimited On-Demand Access





  • How to Fast Track Your Success & Income in 90 Days
  • The 6 P’s to Success in life and business
  • Overcoming business challenges as an entrepreneur
  • 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® – The Plan, The Process, The Execution. Time to ramp up your sales and income
  • How to use events, keynote speaking and social media to increase sales in your business
  • The 5 Key Strategies to increase your productivity and generate more business
  • If it’s NOT making money, it’s not making sense, period! – How to use this principle to your advantage
  • How to sell yourself as a speaker and negotiate higher speaking fees with confidence
  • How to build high-level relationships globally
  • Goal setting with results – having a clear plan you can follow over 90 days
  • How to make money from your gifts and talents now
  • How to invest in income-generating assets and lots more!

Camilita has designed this club to support YOU on your journey to Live Like a Champion, Create the Life and Business you Deserve and Fast Track Your Success Year-on-Year!

For over 12 years, Camilita traveled to over 50 countries, built large sales teams of thousands in 30+ countries, did millions of dollars in sales and lived in Germany, Trinidad, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. Camilita currently runs 3 businesses as a Property Investor, Founder of Event of Champions® and Camilita® Global. She is NOW sharing her EXCLUSIVE Success Secrets of 20 years with you!

Are YOU ready to quadruple your sales, increase your turnover, expand your brand internationally, learn how to create multiple streams of residual income or live your best life now? YES…… then Camilita's Inner Circle is the tool you need now!

If you are ready to give 100% to your OWN success and are tired of seeing others doing what you know you could do better, then this Inner Circle is for you. It’s me sharing no BS, just my ‘how-to’ based on my own successes and failures and what YOU can do to not have a repeat of making good intentions and nothing happening.


In Joining Global Champions Club You Will Get:

  • 2 Online training masterclasses per month with our Coaches (1 hour each)
  • A 3-hour LIVE training every 90 days with successful guest experts from around the world
  • Ask US Anything for immediate results one Monday per month
  • Access to Camilita's live online summits featuring renowned international speakers
  • Videos, articles and blogs from Expert Guests in all areas of business and entrepreneurship
  • First to hear about my exclusive offers and free downloadable resources
  • 20% off discount code for our upcoming events
  • 20% off discount code for our products and merchandise on www.shop.camilita.com
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group to get additional support and connect with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world


Time to shake up your business, bank balance and everything else. The ONLY way things will change is when YOU change and when you take action NOW to make it happen. You don’t get what you want, you get what you create and negotiate so take a stand for YOUR life, business, bank balance, and sanity by joining our CLUB TODAY




Camilita's husband says she is a MASTER PLANNER!!

Get to your desired goals and stay on track with Camilita's Goal Setting Planner for Champions 

This is one of our best-selling products because people get results when they stick to it!

Daily, weekly, monthly and 90 day planning can greatly increase your chances of success! Camilita lives and works in 90-day slots and creates massive success by breaking her time down into chunks every day, to every working hour of that day.

Camilita has used planners to build large sales teams of thousands around the world over the last 15 years. The Camilita Team use planners too so everyone is well aware of their tasks and what everyone else in the team is doing.

Whether you like structure or not, this planner is for you! It gives you a clear system you can use to achieve more growth.

It allows you to stay on target and stay focused every day. Camilita will also be doing video training on HOW she uses this planner for maximum success, so get it and stay tuned.

It’s time for you to:

  • Create the life you deserve by structured planning
  • Have a system you CAN follow that is achievable
  • Be in control of what you want to happen and when
  • List what is Urgent, what is Important & what can Wait

If you’ve always wanted more structure and a system that works for you, this Goal Setting Planner for Champions is for you!


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