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Want to learn how to stay on track the rest of 2024, accomplish more and have massive success?


Then join me for a LIVE “Goal ACHIEVING for Champions” Masterclass on 27th June 2024!! 

My husband says I am a MASTER PLANNER!!


From 2020 – 2023, during a global pandemic and economic downturn… 

We invested in 20+ more rental properties, Hosted 5 Global Champions Summits, Hosted 50 Masterclasses, Hosted 6 Masterminds, Coached a ton of clients around the world to build their businesses, Created 15 new products for the Camilita Shop, Wrote 3 more eBooks, Interviewed amazing guests on The Camilita Podcast 🎙, Did a month-long working holiday in Barbados 🇧🇧 and soooo much more!


Want to learn how you too can have MASSIVE success, accomplish so much more in your business and stay on track in 2024?

Then join me for a LIVE Goal Achieving for Champions Masterclass.


I will teach you how to:

  1. Set GOALS and stick to them.
  2. Organise your life & business into daily, weekly, monthly and 90-day chunks
  3. Create the life you deserve by structured planning
  4. Have a system you CAN follow that is achievable
  5. Be in control of what you want to happen and when
  6. List what is Urgent, what is Important & what can Wait

and more…..

To get the maximum benefit of what I’m going to share, my Goal Setting for Champions Secrets!

Over the last 15 years I’ve used planners to build large sales teams of thousands around the world, where we did in excess of $20Million in sales, so I know this works!


“I thoroughly enjoyed Camilita's Masterclass. This was an interactive session filled with valuable content. Camilita shared her knowledge, experience and gave me the energy boost I needed! I left with tips to help me move my business forward in the next 90 days”.       - Jackie, United Kingdom 

If you truly want to WIN IN BUSINESS THE REST OF 2024, then the planner along with this masterclass will assist you to hit your BIG goals for the rest of this Year.

Ready for a clear system to max out in 2024? Then let’s get to work!

I’ll see you on the Masterclass. 


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