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Camilita will teach you how to Fast Track Your Success and create a platform where YOU are seen as THE expert, as you collaborate with the TOP entrepreneurs in the industry. 

Camilita has created two 6 & 7 figure businesses in the last 5 years and through her proven 12 Step Formula, you will learn how to stay focused, on target and create the life and business of your dreams quicker and with complete clarity.

When you enrol today on this course you get instant access to:

  • 12 Modules (mirroring each chapter in Camilita’s Fast Track Your Success Book)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for all students
  • Camilita answering your questions on each module of the course


Modules Include:

Module 1 (Chapter 1)

  • How to focus on Income Generating Work
  • Types of Income Generating Work
  • The purpose of work
  • Things you can do every day that are Income Generating
  • What cannot be classed at Income Generating
  • What you should stop doing and start doing
  • How to use Camilita's daily planner


Module 2 (Chapter 2)

  • Having a Customer Plan V Business Plan
  • What are customers wanting more of
  • What you can do better for your customers
  • Being more accessible to your customers
  • Creating an opportunity for them to share and give feedback
  • Ask what you can provide that they would want


Module 3 (Chapter 3)

  • The most important tip for massive growth & success
  • What you should ask for
  • Make a list of who to ask
  • How to grow more using the ASK Principle
  • This is your opportunity to serve


Module 4 (Chapter 4)

  • Find new ways to market your brand or product
  • Look at what your competitors are doing or selling
  • Launch or re-launch your brand or product
  • Use social media more and have a greater online presence
  • Partner up and collaborate
  • Start with a LIVE show


Module 5 (Chapter 5)

  • Why go from the top down NOT the bottom up
  • Where to find people at the top
  • How to approach people at the top
  • Why support their charities
  • Benefits of following influencers
  • How to share the benefits of your business to them


Module 6 (Chapter 6)

  • Spotting a good or bad deal from a mile away
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Is there a plan for Residual Income
  • Having a Residual Income Model
  • Why have an exit strategy in place
  • Drafting up proposals


Module 7 (Chapter 7)

  • Get to Level 5!
  • The levels of Service v Experience
  • How getting to Level 5! can greatly increase your bottom line
  • What level are YOU operating at?
  • What can you sell at Level 5?
  • What can you sell as add on’s?
  • Why just make the offer


Module 8 (Chapter 8)

  • Building a strong team of people
  • Focus on doing the $1,000+ / hour jobs
  • People you need on your current team
  • Get a coach who understands your business
  • How to get a strong team


Module 9 (Chapter 9)

  • Learn how to sell or hire the right people who will
  • Utilise Camilita's 7 Steps to 7 Figure Sales® training
  • Have a solid sales process
  • The fundamentals of selling
  • Create a model sales sheet


Module 10 (Chapter 10)

  • If It’s NOT Making Money, It’s Not Making Sense
  • Every action should be Income Generating
  • Calculate every action
  • Make a list of what’s NOT making money
  • Make a list of what’s making money
  • Decide on what’s Urgent, Important and Can Wait 


Module 11 (Chapter 11)

  • Your positioning
  • Why position yourself as The Expert
  • Perception is vitally important to your success
  • 6 things you can do to position yourself differently
  • Why get publicity and articles done about you
  • Collaborating with influencers


Module 12 (Chapter 12)

  • Make social media your friend
  • Have a dominant presence online
  • Why automate or use automotive software
  • Add and follow influencers and comment on their posts
  • Stand out to be heard
  • Change, AI, robotics and the changes in social media


*Unlimited On-Demand Access

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