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Mind & Money Transformation will teach you how to change the paradigm of your mindset & bank balance to Live Like a Champion!


Every year millions of people start a business; however statistics tell us that by the end of year one, 40% will have closed, within five years 80% will fail and if they manage to survive five years or more - 80% fail in the next five years.

It’s your ability to not just start but to sustain, maintain, and keep going regardless and this is to do with your Mind and Money Attitude.


When you join this event, you will learn how to...

  1. Max out WHO you are
  2. Discover what's holding you back and how to push forward
  3. Create Multiple Streams of Residual Income
  4. Have a Transformative Mind & Money Mindset
  5. Go from Cash Poor to Cash Rich
  6. Understand the 3 D's to Living Your Champion Life
  7. Use your story to grow your brand
  8. Know WHO you are and what you are selling
  9. Understand your money blueprint and mindset
  10. Deal with negative situations in a positive way
  11. Monetise WHO you are
  12. Get a game plan for success

and so much more……


Time to Start Investing in You! 

I grew up poor and at the age of 13, I had to hustle on the public dump with my mother in order to get glass bottles to sell, just to attend secondary school. I had no money, no food, and was almost homeless twice. Now I stay at The Ritz London, run several businesses, and travel the world first class. Why? I changed my money mindset then monetised everything I’m doing. Now I teach entrepreneurs and companies how to do exactly the same.

Camilita is an incredible, she is a woman who knows how to make amazing things happen! Camilita is an inspirational coach, a visionary with a straight-forward and fast execution approach. Camilita is powerful, energetic and incredibly caring. Her coaching sessions are laser focused and she has an ability to translate and connect your vision, passion, purpose and story, providing clarity and resulting in personal and professional transformation. I can’t recommend Camilita highly enough! Thank you Camilita! – Denise, UK


It’s a well-known fact that SUCCESS doesn’t just happen, it takes years of focused work and dedication to create anything that is of substantial value. Entrepreneurs who constantly find themselves entangled by someone else’s big vision usually end up broke and unfulfilled. Commit to yourself first and create multiple streams of residual income – this is NOW the name of the game.




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