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With this 12-month Platinum Intense One-to-One Coaching Program, Camilita will give you:

  • Three hours of coaching per month - a total of 36 hours over 12 months.
  • A detailed plan of action over 12 months with systems in place to launch or re-launch your BIG idea or take your current business to the next level of success. 
    • Over 12 months you will not only have a game plan to work with but a route to market so you can start making money, collaborate with others and get the exposure you need through Camilita's summits and online events. 
    • Camilita will give you her blueprint for success through leadership and actionable ideas. 
    • Camilita has the ability to take what's in your head and bring it to fruition. She hears what you are NOT telling her and can help you create books, eBooks, programs, systems, a clearly defined business plan, create the right pricing, social media presence, sales, and branding systems to position you as THE EXPERT. 

    • Through this 1-year personalised coaching process, Camilita truly hears what is needed to give you the answers to your most burning questions.


    I want to endorse Camilita Nuttall as the perfect coach for me… What I like about Camilita, and I think it’s very important in choosing a coach, is that she is already successful and has had success in the area that I want to be successful in – growing business and helping people. It’s also very important that your coach or coach is really interested in who you are as a person and not just being a number in the system and that’s what I got from Camilita …What is different with Camilita is I really felt like I was the focus, which is very important in coaching. Also, she herself has a coach and that is also very important criteria I think you should look for in having a great coach in the sense that they themselves believe in coaching and continuous development and that’s really what you will find in Camilita. My experience has been absolutely amazing and I want to thank her so much for all the help that she has given me over the last few months. - Shane (Trinidad)


    If you’re serious about business and ready to move to the next level, Camilita is the executive business coach you need on your side. You can trust Camilita to guide you toward the future you deserve. It’s time YOU LIVE LIKE A CHAMPION. Take action TODAY!

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