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After writing her 2nd eBook and generating over £100,000 from it, Camilita realised how simple it is, then started teaching others to do the same. Now it’s your turn!


When you join this private webinar, you'll learn how to... 

  • Super-charge your plan for your eBook
  • Market that eBook correctly across all platforms
  • Create Funnels with simple structures for success
  • Create Sales Pages that highlight your product or service offering
  • Use a 90 Day Game Plan of action that is doable and achievable
  • Have a 21 Day Strategy that’s designed to build your list
  • Use webinars, LIVES, videos, etc. to increase traffic
  • Interview experts to get your book seen
  • Ask to speak on podcasts and shows for maximum exposure

and more…..

“I am the person who does not need a coach, I can figure it out on my own, thank you very much. Then I found this woman. This incredible, brilliant, energetic, kind woman. A session with Camilita is like no other coaching session I have ever had or facilitated. She is a powerful listener, an enthusiastic teacher, and has more wisdom on a Monday than I have all week! If you are considering hiring Camilita, I highly recommend it, and if you, like me, don't need a coach, well, I call BS. You need her....and so do I. Three cheers to the growth you will have with her tutelage!” – Karen Grosz CPC (USA)

It’s a well-known fact that SUCCESS doesn’t just happen, it takes years of focused work and dedication to create anything that is of substantial value. Entrepreneurs who constantly find themselves entangled by someone else’s big vision usually end up broke and unfulfilled.

If you’re serious about monetising your book or eBook, then Camilita is the executive business coach you need on your side. You can trust Camilita to guide you toward the future you deserve because she has done it. Take action TODAY!


PLUS - Camilita will also take your business questions LIVE on the webinar.

 Don’t delay…. reserve your spot now.

> > HURRY only limited spots available so BOOK NOW! 


Once you book, you will be sent a private link to join the webinar. 


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